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Image - A Death-knell to Your Future Goals...

Lethargy. Procrastination. The lack of personal success.
Society begs for over-productivity in the workforce, but once we come home from work, we secretly dream of wanting more for ourselves, but end up doing less to nothing about it.
Is this a universal truth? Time and culturally tested?
Or is this a by-product of an over-stressed populous?
We rush to get through work. We rush on the freeways to get home. We rush to make dinner for the family and to tidy the house. Only to rush to our easy chairs to do nothing for ourselves but stare into a screen - play station or TV tube.
In past decades, when there were less time-saving devices, and when there weren't any home screens at all, somehow there was more time, and here's a twist: more energy to boot!
I think the key to all success and failure is an ideal that should have be made into the 8th Deadly Sin eons ago, and that's Image - how we want the world to see us.
In past eras, poverty was more the norm rather than the excep…

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